Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Knight of Pentacles - Stiram sukham asanam

Within a spread I did for myself, I drew the Knight of Pentacles. As I was already thinking about the link between tarot and yoga, what popped into my head was the Sanskrit phrase: stiram sukham asanam. This is roughly translated as finding a stable, joyful position. A good thing to aim for both when you're standing on your head, and in life generally ;)

While the Knight of Pentacles is sometimes seen as a bit of a plodder, I think he fits the bill here very well. His Knightly enthusiasm covers the joyful bit, while his Pentacle-y groundedness would help with stability. In the deck I used for the reading (the Shadowscapes Tarot) he rides a strange fantasy creature, which makes me think of riding a bucking bronco. Definitely another situation where staying firm and yet having fun despite the situation you're in would come in handy!

The Knight of Pentacles has never been a favourite of mine. Being myself somewhere between the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Swords I tend to prefer the King of Wands. However, seeing the Knight of Pentacles in this light, as someone full of joy, yet grounded, has given me a new appreciation for this trustworthy chap.

Thinking about this has also got me asking: "What helps me feel both stable and joyful in whatever position I find myself?" The love and support of partner, friends and family, and being able to practise yoga and draw tarot cards! So, another similarity between yoga and tarot ;)

This led me on to designing a tarot spread. The first card is the position/situation you're having to deal with, the second how you can stay stable while in this position, and finally, what will help you find joy while you're doing it. If you're a yogi/ni having trouble with a particular pose, you could give it a try, too (check out also this post on improving your asana practice through tarot cards).

Anyhow, I decided, why wait, and drew cards without a particular question in mind:

Situation I have to deal with: Five of Wands - feeling I have to compete, though in a friendly atmosphere. Well, that fits perfectly as I'm working on a presentation I have to give next week for a course I'm taking.

What will help me stay stable: Ace of Swords - communicating clearly, with passion but having marshaled my academic arguments well.

What will help me find joy in this: XI - Justice - OK, twofold. First, going into it with a pure heart and intentions - I mean to educate and share, not showboat. Second, trusting that I will be dealt with fairly - both by my fellow students and by my tutor.

OK, I like the spread, and I like the Knight of Pentacles, and with this advice in mind I shall try to stay joyful and stable in this situation.

What about you? How do you feel about the Knight of Pentacles? What helps you feel stable and joyful? And what do you think of this little spread? Let me know below...


  1. I have traditionally found the Knight of Pentacles to be someone very pragmatic and steadfast. Someone who can be a bit immature in their perceptions but who is viewing his actions as the "stable" "correct" or even "practical" option. Great post! I do tarot of the day with the Shadowscapes Tarot, be sure to check it out!

    Blessed be!

  2. Hi Laura, will do - I love this deck! I like your take on the Knight of Pentacles too, pragmatic, steadfast and practical all fit in well with what I'm thinking of here. Thanks!

  3. You're welcome! There is also the "messenger" or mover. Because they represent the spirit of a "teenager" they encompass change as well. Movement, travel are also denoted by Knights. With the Pages and Knights I tend to see them as less cynical and hardened versions of the Queen and King...or conversely the more idealistic and romanticism found often in the young or young of heart.