Saturday, 22 May 2010

Twilight Realm Page of Swords

I was in New York recently, and had a couple of readings. One of the things which both said (though Derren Brown would probably dismiss this as a Barnum statement) is that I should get back in touch with a creative outlet. Since then I've tried to be more consistent in my tarot journalling. And now that I have, finally, started a blog, I thought it only right that I should share my musings here.

I'm writing an article comparing the Shadowscapes and Twilight Realms tarots for the next TABI Ezine, so I've been picking cards from one or the other for the last few weeks. Today, the Twilight called to me, and I drew the Page of Swords.

My first impression was, "Oh no, can't I draw another card?" All the more reason to stay with this one, I guess. The artwork in this deck is sometimes rather amateurish, and the perspective here looks a little "off" to me. Overall, I haven't found much resonance with the majority of the Court cards here. So, I'll just have to dig a little deeper, especially as I once claimed I could read with anything, even cereal boxes!

This Page wears a chain of office that reminds me of a mayoral insignia. He has pleated white at neck and sleeve, while his overtunic is of a dark burgundy. He fingers his blade with a very pink-nailed hand, gazing at it with a dark look. It feels to me like he is testing the point while thinking evil thoughts, thoughts of death and mayhem. So, although this Page looks young, still he has a brooding and blood-thirsty edge to him that I would more normally attribute to the Knight of Swords in a dark deck like the Bohemian Gothic. As I look at him more, I think perhaps he is a little perturbed by the turn his thoughts have taken.

Thinking about it, this is perhaps quite an apt card for me on the day I've posted my first ever blog. Something around the double-edged sword of expressing my thoughts in public. While so far the reactions I've received have been very positive, it's also true that I chose for my first post a rather political topic - World Tarot Day, and the corporate power plays that have surrounded it this year. Being neither a born conformist nor a politician, I tried to cut through to what I see as the spirit of the day. However, perhaps my blade is not as sharp as it should be, or perhaps I will cut off more than I can stomach. The joys of self-expression against the dangers of being misconstrued and creating bad feeling, or being sued. I am yet a novice in this world, and should beware how I wield my sword.

So, does this Page chime for you? Do you see him as innocently examining a new way of thinking, or going for the jugular? And how do you feel about your own self-expression today?


  1. He looks like he is going to test the blade in an innocent/beginner way. If he does it and cuts himself, will he still continue? More importantly, will he learn from his mistake?

  2. Hiya Arwen,

    You're quite kind to this young page. Hmm, good questions, though. My thoughts are that he will continue anyway, but I'm not so sure about learning from his mistake. Once again, though, that probably says more about me than about this innocent courier :)