Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tarot journey into yogic philosophy 2 - satya

Continuing my journey to try to better understand yogic philosophy through the use of tarot cards chosen both rationally and serendipitously, the second yama (or restraint on behaviour with/towards others) is called satya.

The yamas are mainly defined in terms of our relationship to others, and satya is generally translated as truth.  Honest but kind communication is the bedrock of good relationships with other people.  To represent this in terms of tarot I chose the Queen of Swords.  This lady is very clear in her commitment to truth.  Yet unlike the King, she doesn't necessarily place it above people.  Hers is an understanding based on suffering and experience, and which can lead to compassion.  So, it is truth communicated with love.  I see the Queen of Swords as having cut the ties of social convention, so that she can speak with integrity and honesty, as well as empathy.

Once again, I drew a card from the Gaian Tarot to see what I need to look at in terms of satya in my life right now.  The Guardian of Fire is equivalent to the Queen of Wands.  In the card we see a man tending a log fire, while behind him a lynx looks on with interest, and above the forest around him a full moon shines down hazily.

I take a number of messages from this.  Firstly, this says that telling the truth from a place of compassion is a way to feed the flames of friendship and relationship generally.  Overall, though it may feel challenging, I believe that sharing my truth with people I care about, so long as it's done in a non-blaming, non-attacking way, will help us to come closer together.

Secondly, I hope the things I believe in and feel passionate about are things I can share with others: through speaking with people, as well as through media like this blog.  I think I need to trust that what I believe in is worthwhile, so that I can speak about it with integrity, and not worry overly about how people will take what I have to say.  If I speak from a place of deep-seated faith I will be inspired to say things in a way that others will be able to hear.

Once again, this is a message I need to work on and think about.  I have a job interview coming up, in which I will probably have to talk about my work as a tarot reader in an atmosphere that may not be very open to such things.  The problem is that my tarot skills and experience are directly transferable and relevant to the post, but I'm not sure that they'll see it that way.  So, I was thinking about couching my tarot work in euphemisms - guidance counselling, perhaps?  However, this reading suggests to me that perhaps I can explain clearly and passionately how I see tarot, and why I think it's relevant, rather than betraying my own beliefs.

This is quite a tricky area, I think.  Do you speak your own truth?  And if not, what holds you back?

Queen of Swords image from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot. Guardian of Fire from the Gaian Tarot.

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