Friday, 24 September 2010

Video blogging, anyone?

Having watched a few tarot video blogs of late, I thought, "What a good idea!"  So, I dug out my video thingy (a gift from my incredibly techie step-dad for Christmas last year).  Tried turning it on, nothing.  I figure, the battery must be dead after nearly a year of inactivity - yes, I made three or four short vids in January, and that was it :-(  Plugged it in, several hours later still no joy...

So, my dear one came home and suggested trying a different adaptor.  However, I later figured out that actually it was probably just that the thing now had barely enough charge to turn on before being plugged in - he said something about the screen flickering - as I suddenly had a vague trace of memory that it's got to be on to charge: another headslap moment!

Finally charged and ready to go, having dug out the gorilla tripod thingy (excellent gadget), I try to set up the camera so it'll record my black, double-thick velvet reading cloth and the cards.  A good angle is hard to get, and it turns out our hassle-free, nice'n'bright downlighters don't work well for lighting a video shot.  My first two tries, I keep getting incredible glare on my not-all-that-glossy cards!

Then there's the pain of listening to myself um, aah, and sigh at what the cards are telling me.  Perhaps I need, at least, to deal the cards before hand, get them in shot, think about it a bit and get the emotions out of the way before trying to describe what's going on...

Still, I did a reading on video blogging (which I videoed, but see comment above on glare/camera angles/sighing): now is the time for the Knight of Pentacles, so step-by-step, put the effort in, and eventually I'll reap the benefits.  Now is not the time for the Wheel of Fortune.  No sudden wonders pulled from hats, no happy coincidences that make for a miracle moment, yet the chance that in the future things will move from my current situation to something rather more up-beat.  Finally, guidance, the Eight of Pentacles - the apprentice card!  Headslap again.  Hard work, time and effort will be required to learn the requisite skills to produce something worthwhile.

Ah well, watch this space...

Image: The Moon from the Gaian Tarot - relevant because of the idea of confusion, uncertainty and the cycles of life.

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