Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Higher Power?

In my last post I said that, although I believe in the divine, I don't seem to be able to offer up my problems to be taken from me as both the AA and Angel Therapists recommend.  Which made me ask: what would help me let go of my problems to a higher power?

Given the type of question, I decided to turn to one of Doreen Virtue's decks - Magical Messages from the Fairies, whom Doreen defines as nature angels.  The card I received was "Love Life".  I have to say, at first glance this made little or no sense.  I live with the father of my son, who I love very much, still feel passionate about and have lots of fun and laughter with.  I'm definitely not in the market for someone else!

However, taking some more time to think about this card in a less direct and obvious way, I wonder whether there is a message here about needing to believe that I deserve love, that I deserve to be supported in changing for the better?  Related to this is the question of whether I believe this to be a fundamentally loving universe?  If love underlies everything in life, why shouldn't I trust that I deserve to be loved absolutely?

On the down side, however, I agree with much that Donald Michael Kraig says in his blog on fluffy bunnies.  There's something about all the positive thinking, everything-is-divinely-guided-and-good stuff that doesn't ring true for me.  The idea that there is a shadow to everything and everyone seems more real.  So, if the universe isn't just love and light, why should there be a loving divinity willing to take my problems if I surrender them fully?

Even if I don't believe that everything is rosy and good, that doesn't mean that love isn't important.  Returning to the card, another idea that popped into my mind is that I need to express my love to others and to the universe more.  In part this is a reminder of James Ricklef's recent explorations into the healing power of expressing gratitude.  This falls into the realms of Positive Psychology.  It is healing to express gratitude, to explore values and beliefs, to work on self-efficacy.  This isn't just fluffy bunny stuff as it doesn't deny the bad or the dark or the difficult, but tries to access and increase the positive.

Another question this card raises for me is how my priorities should reflect my love.  For example, last weekend I spent time donating tarot readings to raise money for Children in Need.  However, I also felt I should be spending that time with my own son, instead.  A choice between two seemingly loving acts - what a dilemna!

Overall, I am left with a sense that surrendering my problems to a higher power is still not within the realms of what I can do.  However, thinking about examining the shadow side of this behaviour, and also of looking to the positive, to what values and beliefs underlie my issues both around food and around spirituality, seems a fruitful area for exploration.

So, dear reader, what do you think: Will angels take care of our every need?  Is there also a dark side to life?  Is the Universe guided by love?  Hope to hear from you...

Image: Love Life from Doreen Virtue's Magical Messages from the Fairies, published by Hay House.


  1. Will angels take care of our every need? In my opinion, the angels are there to help guide us but not to do the work. With positive thinking and a connection with our guides, our lives can be better. Negative thoughts bring us down and slow our progress through life. So, imagine that angel walking by your side, giving you a nudge from time to time in the right direction. I don't believe in giving our problems over to a higher power but listen to that higher power as you try to solve your problem.

    A dark side? Well of course there is. Life is not all rainbows and gundrops. But, the dark side is a road that is chosen by an individual. Negativity can send you down the road without you even realizing. Love life and fewer shadows will appear.

    Is the Universe guided by love? In a perfect world, yes. But, in this world a pattern of black and white is there. To me the universe is the population. So, no it is not guided by love, but by choice you can be guided by love.

    Love the post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hi Cher,

    Love your comment about angels giving us a nudge from time to time ;-) What you say makes a lot of sense to me, and is quite similar to the conclusion of my next post. Been thinking about this a lot as you can tell :-b

    Not sure I'd say the universe is the population, unless you're including cats, dogs, and amoebas in that. My own sense is that it is not just us humans who contribute our energy to the universe. But that's just my opinion!

    Love and light, Chloë