Monday, 6 December 2010


I sometimes like to draw an angel card for the day.  One of my favourite, lesser known decks is the Angel Insight Pack, with artwork by René Milot.  Today I drew "Nurturing".  From Christine Astell's companion book:

"My soul is nourished as I cherish myself and others.

There can be immense satisfaction in caring for loved ones, but make sure you do not forget to look after and nurture yourself, too.

The Angel of Nurturing reminds you that you need to take time to care for your whole being - the emotional and spiritual aspects as well as the physical.  Ask the Angel to show you an appropriate way to feed your soul - perhaps by drawing your attention to a good book, inspiring you to meditate regularly, or bringing a pet into your life that you can walk with, or sit and stroke.  When you feel good in yourself, you will be able to nurture others with no need for a reward.  Your loving energy will radiate from you like sunlight, enriching everyone and everything around you."

Given I've got a hacking cough and am worried I've given it to my son, this card certainly resonates for me today.  Not the bit about radiating energy like sunlight, but the bit about taking time to care for myself and others!

I also notice that the angel is wearing a beautiful, blue dress.  This colour is associated with the throat chakra.  This feels relevant both because I have a sore throat, but also regarding the idea of care being shown through how we speak to ourselves and others, too.  A reminder that criticising, blaming, or just gossiping in an unfriendly way all do harm to both ourselves and those we speak badly about, and of the importance of positive self-talk.  So, I shall try not to blame myself if my son has caught my cough.

Given how much he objects to me going away, if I distanced myself from him just because I was ill that might do as much harm as him catching a cough.  At least if he gets ill it builds the strength of his immune system in the long run, even if it's not much fun in the short term.  Although there's also a part of me that thinks my going away should be no bad thing, teaching him a bit of independence, so far this hasn't proven to be the case, merely making him more stubborn and clingy - the joys of a Capricorn child! 

There's also something about the way the angel is stroking a mouse that touches me.  Perhaps highlighting the connection with all of nature, not just humans.  There is something, too, about divine love being available to all, no matter how small or unimportant we may feel.

Likewise, it seems appropriate to draw this card today, on Saint Nicholas' day.  All around Europe, children are receiving small presents and sweets - gifts to feed their bodies and souls.  Well, leaving aside the issue of teaching children to associate sweets with special occasions and treats!  The idea is to give them a nice surprise in the depths of winter, to nourish them through the darkness.

Here's wishing a day of being nurtured to all!

Image from the Angel Insight Pack by René Milot and Christine Astell.

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