Monday, 27 December 2010

Weighing up... part 2

Back at the start of November I decided to stop weighing myself.  The battery on my scales died, and because of all the arguments about weighing yourself being a lose-lose situation, I didn't replace it.  However, as the image here suggests, there can be more than one side to using a scales.  Not that it can do anything but weigh, but that it might be necessary to weigh different kinds of things.

We were supposed to go on holiday on the 17th of December, which didn't happen, but while we still thought it might we suddenly realised that our bag felt pretty heavy.  We try to have just one bag for all three of us, as carrying a baby and pushchair and several suitcases is a bit much.  Normally one of us, generally my Dear One, would get on the scales, see what it said, then get on it again holding the suitcase, so we can decide if we need to leave behind more stuff or somehow redistribute some of it to handbag, carry-on etc.  This time, though, we didn't have that option.

As I say, it didn't matter in the end, as we never even got to the airport (the joys of snow in England).  However, it did make me reconsider how this last month and a half without a scales has been.

For the first couple of weeks I found myself going to where the scales used to be, on autopilot, after a shower.  It was strange for it not to be there, but not too terrible.  Then there have been a few times when I've thought, "I bet I've put on weight" and wanted to check, but no scales...  I realise I feel a bit less in control without the scales.  This is clearly a false sense of control, as knowing what a machine says my weight is doesn't change what I've already eaten!

The other way in which I feel I miss the scales is for motivation.  Occasionally, if I saw I'd put on a bit of weight, it would encourage me to do better, at least for a few days.  However, as I wrote in my post on motivation, this certainly isn't a sustainable way to encourage weight loss. 

Overall, I don't miss the scales enough to bother getting another battery for it, except perhaps for next time we plan a holiday!  I think not having it means one less number to worry about, and to distance me from experiencing and staying with what is actually going on in my body.  If anyone was tempted but uncertain last time, I think this has been an interesting and useful experience, and encourage others to give it a go.

Image: Justice from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

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