Saturday, 22 January 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Page of Swords

Once again I drew a card from the Infinite Visions Tarot, and today received the Page of Swords.

The Page of Swords is seen by some people as being a spy, or just someone gossipy and sneaky.  However, I have always seen this card more as being about having an interest in trying out new ideas and new technologies.  I love the way he holds aloft a pair of binoculars - delightfully jarring and cheeky.  His sword also seems to be buried in the stone, reminiscent of the tale of King Arthur.  The scenery behind him, however, looks jungle-like or perhaps pre-historic.

The affirmations I chose based on this are:

I see beyond my current situation to where I want to be.

New ideas replace the old, bringing positivity.

I see clearly, cutting through old ideas.

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  1. "I see beyond my current situation"...
    How incredibly important that is! Great blog, thank you for sharing your thoughts.