Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Ten of Pentacles

This time the Infinite Visions Tarot has produced the Ten of Pentacles.

This is often seen as a card of prosperity, inheritance, and family.  Here, too, we see three generations, all looking well fed.  The decor is sumptuous, as are their clothes.  In front of the principle characters is a gleaming silver pot overflowing with treasures.  Behind them is a painting of a castle in a bucolic landscape.  The young child on the floor is holding a scroll of some kind.

Some affirmations that come to mind here are:

I acknowledge the abundance in my life.

I am grateful for my family.

Every day I learn from my son.


  1. This post just reminded me a bit of my (albeit) disturbed dreams last night. I dreamed you were pregnant.

    Obviously, wouldn't normally mention such sillyness, but when I saw the 10 Pents....thought I'd better mention it ;-D

    Lovely affirmations to have.

    Ali x

  2. Lovely card Inner Whispers, can I add to your affirmation again? I hope you don't mind but when I looked at this card I also thought I know that I am rich when all things in my life are in balance.

    I'm enjoying reading your affirmations.

    I shall be away now for a few days on holiday so I may miss your reply. :o) But I shall check when I get back.

  3. Hi Ali,

    Funny you should say that, as the next day I got the 10 of Cups, with a pic of a woman with a new baby!

    I can guarantee that I'm not pregnant at the moment, but I do hope to be some time this year :-)

    Or maybe it's just that I'm pregnant with possibility - lol. I have managed to stay off chocolate for a whole week now!

    Hugs, Cx

  4. Hi Helen,

    I absolutely don't mind you adding something - your affirmations are always great, a different take, but just right. This one is no exception, thank you for sharing it. And I'm glad you're enjoying the cards and affirmations - I'm finding it a very positive experience doing this.

    Hope you have/had a good time away!

  5. Hi I am very new to this but I have myself a deck of tarot cards. I'm still becoming familiar with them. I had a really strong urge to ask the cards if I could be pregnant with in the next 12 months so I shuffled the cards until it felt right and I pictured in my head that if I pulled one out that resembled children in anyway that that meant a yes. So I pulled the card from the top to find the ten of pentacles. There was two children in the picture and there was a couple with one person with their hand on the other persons stomach placed there as if she is pregnant. I know this must all sound very amateur but the cards feel like they're telling me a very strong yes. Could you help me shed some light? Or am I way off the mark here.

    Karen x

  6. Ps. They were The Llewellyn deck.

    Thanks again.

    Karen x