Monday, 31 January 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Three of Swords

The Victorian Romantic seems to have a dark sense of humour.  This time my daily draw card for affirmations is the Three of Swords.

A woman stands in the foreground, head in her hand.  A brisk wind blows her cape around her.  At her side a dog nestles against her, getting and giving support?  Behind her we see a soldier riding away - her love leaving, or someone who has come to take over her town?  At her feet is a green bundle, I wonder if this contains her possessions, gathered quickly in the face of danger?

The affirmations I gain from this are:

I can hold pain, without it controlling me.

I take comfort where I find it.

I leave behind old habits, taking with me only what I need.


  1. the Russian version has a different look from the original doesn't it. Like they scanned MR's and then applied a photoshop filter to make it look more painterly...

  2. Ah, Sharyn, I couldn't comment, not being one of the lucky few with an original Victorian Romantic... So, I'll take your word for it :-) I quite like the effect, it makes it feel a bit "older" or more traditional, I guess. Certainly, I find the cards have a lot of texture and depth, as well as fascinating images!