Friday, 21 January 2011

Dreams and Intuition

Yesterday's #amtarot was the High Priestess.  I tweeted: "Why are you asking ME? YOU already hold the answer." What not to say to a paying customer, even though it's true ;)

I've had a few clients where this has come up: a woman asking about her relationship, who thought her partner might be cheating on her; a man asking about a career change; a woman looking to move house.  This time, however, it was me that was asking others for the answers I already hold.

I've been reading Andrea Albright's ebook, and a little pamphlet given for free by Bill Phillips, both about weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet.  But really, I know myself, my lifestyle and I know about healthy eating.  After all, last year I trained with Deanne Jade of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, and I've been practising yoga for nearly 20 years!  I use a static bike for cardio, and am a trained yoga teacher and pilates instructor.

So, after I'd tweeted on the High Priestess, I went to bed, and I dreamed.

1) I dreamt I was in a little cottage, and I had all the windows open, with the curtains billowing, so that spirit could talk to me.  I was working magic, and within the garden and house the weather was warmer and kinder than outside.  It was as though, while I was doing what I needed to do, everything was made easier.

When I got up from this dream I knew that, if I follow spirit I will have the strength to beat my cravings.  I cancelled my membership of the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Club (those chocolates are seriously good, and fair trade).  And I started on a kitchen make-over as suggested by Bill Phillips, getting rid of all junk food, which in my case mainly means chocolate and biscuits.

I have also created a Star altar, the Star card being one of hope and spiritual guidance.  Having a physical reminder of the support that is available to me, through other people and through spirit, will help me on this journey.

2)  And again I dreamed, in a cottage, but this time with all the doors and windows locked to keep out a dangerous sprite.  Someone who had a key came in, and accidentally let the polluting sprite in.  It touched some things, making them start to turn black and poisonous.  I went around and touched everything.  In some places I touched crumbs and then scattered them around, so that through them my touch would reach into even the smallest spaces.  With the poisonous things the sprite had touched, I bashed them with a little hammer, and they returned to how they had been.  When I had touched everything, the sprite could no longer harm or pollute anything.

My interpretation here is that the wicked sprite is modern obesogenic society.  Walking down the street we are bombarded with shops filled with unhealthy but tasty food, adverts selling junk food, other people eating chocolate and crisps on the go.  It sometimes feels so hard to ignore all of this in favour of eating healthily.

From this, the message I get is that if I can touch all aspects of my life with awareness and with hope then cravings and doubts will no longer be able to poison my mind. This process may take some time, and may seem to create a mess in my life (the crumbs), but it will work in the long run.  

I feel this is something I've already started.  After Deanne Jade's course last year I changed the way I eat, trying to eat little and often, more protein and more fresh fruit and vegetables.  However, so far this has led me to put on a bit of weight rather than lose it!  I think this is because I haven't sufficiently changed the size of my main meals, just added in some small snacks.  And also because chocolate still rules my life.

So, I shall continue to work with affirmations and gratitude to try to bring hope to my mind.  And I will make time again for a regular meditation practice, which has been pretty spotty of late.  With these things, I hope to increase my awareness and bring more positivity into my life.

Some affirmations came to mind, too:

The breath of spirit blows away my cravings.
I fill my life with mindfulness and hope.

I'd be glad to hear what others make of these dreams...

Images from the Gaian Tarot © Joanna Powell Colbert.

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