Sunday, 9 January 2011

Faceless Ghosts

Twice in the last ten days I have pulled this card from the Oracle of Shadows and Light in my daily draw.  Given that I don't actually do a draw every day, it's more significant than it might at first sound.  I was a bit stymied by it the first time, but then I showed it to a friend who commented on it looking like spirits whispering in the girl's ears.

Suddenly I twigged, it's about those voices, often from the past, telling me what I do is wrong, or could be better, or encouraging me to do things I know I shouldn't.  In Transactional Analysis, these would be the Inner Child and the Inner Parent.

For me, the voices that are calling strongly are the "shoulds" - I should be a better mother, I should eat healthily all the time, I should be nice to everyone, I should be perfect (yeah right, realistic huh?)  And also the "wants" - I want to eat chocolate right now, I want to have some time to play, I want to sleep.

If I allow these voices to take over, then I really will be haunted!  What to do, then?  Perhaps become aware that these are faceless ghosts, dead masks that I am breathing life into.  If I refuse to do so, they will disappear. 

Clearly, this is a question of things that I am often not very conscious of.  So, bringing greater awareness to these voices, acknowledging when they are speaking to me, and then saying to myself, "This is a ghost.  It has no power over me."  Well, it's worth a try...

Image from the Oracle of Shadows and Light by Lucy Cavendish & Jasmine Becket-Griffith.


  1. What an interesting card! Yes I see what you see those nagging voices, telling us that we are not as good as we could be, or that we are unloved and unliked. Haunting the girl, giving her cause to regret - yet the girl sits wearing that red dress, symbolising for me will power, courage, life force. She knows these voices haunt her but she also knows that it's important to allow her life force to flow freely by having the courage and the will power to see these voices for what they really are—— an illusion created by our ego to keep us under its control.

    Just rambling here :)

  2. Hi Helen,

    I really like your colour-inspired take on the card. That fits beautifully - let our life force flow to see through illusions. I see the dress as also having a lot of orange - how would you interpret that?


  3. Orange had similar qualities to red but to a lesser degree, so with red you have passion but with orange you have determination - red will power and courage - orange confidence and creativity. So I guess you would say that it still holds those core meanings of the red but less forceful.

    So apply that to the card and you could say even though she knows those voices haunt her, she has the determination and the confidence to recognise them for what they are and use her creatvity to overcome them.

    Will that do? :)