Saturday, 1 January 2011

Transparent Oracle New Year Reading

For the New Year, I decided to do another reading with Emily Carding's Transparent Oracle.  The cards I drew were:

61 - Gateway: Self from Within
38 - Guide: Owl from North
58 - Grail Hollows: The Spear from Below

The underlying card, Self, feels like one of knowing that I can act.  It reminds me a little of the Magician in tarot.  The face has closed eyes and open hands with swirls on the palms.  With respect to this card, Emily Carding talks of manifestation of the soul and personality and says that: "to experience existence as this self is the reason we are incarnate here in this body."  So, perhaps a message about taking time to look at my soul purpose at this time, and choosing what I want to manifest.

On top of that, Owl shows three owls in flight, wise eyes open, wings spread.  The owl is a symbol of wisdom, and also a predator.  The owl can see in the dark, but can also spin its head around 360º.  So, the owl can see things that are normally invisible to us - those things hidden by shadow, those things behind us, and things that are in the distance or hidden in the undergrowth.  Keywords from Emily Carding include both Perception and Detachment.  In order to see my soul's purpose for the year to come, I need to get some perspective on my situation and all that is around me, seeing clearly and wisely.  This sense of observation and detachment fits quite well with my sense of trying to approach people and events from a phenomenological basis - bracketing my own assumptions so that I can truly see what is going on, and not jumping in with my own values, but allowing what is most important to emerge organically.

Finally, The Spear, crossing the image horizontally, pointing to the left.  The spear echoes the Ace of Wands in tarot, yet the fact that it is horizontal rather than upright changes the feel quite a bit.  For me, it feels stronger and more protective, rather than inspiring.  Emily Carding associates this card with Destiny, Focus, Challenge and Sacrifice, relating it to the spear that pierced Jesus' side, Odin's spear with which he pierced himself to hang on Yggdrasil, The World Tree, and the spear which injured the Wounded King of Arthurian Legend - a wound from which only the same spear can cure the sufferer.   The ideas here, then, seem to be about having to sacrifice something, to cut out what is not healthful, in order to move forward with renewed focus and meet the challenges of my soul's purpose.

Overlaying these cards, the image I see is a harmonious, dynamic one.  The woman's face now becomes an owl, and her hands expand into wings.  She can see into past and future, into the dark depths of the soul, and is able to manifest her purpose and take flight into the unknown. The spear acts as a protection, and also divides above and below, with the owl-woman at the top able to rise above with powerful wing strokes, supported by the knowledge and wisdom of her "below" aspects.

Based on Emily's meanings, this seems a strong but challenging combination of energies.  There is a need to be detached and observe what is truly necessary, which may include some self sacrifice and cutting out things that are not working.  My intuitive reading was somewhat more energetic and safe - feeling protected by the spear, able to rise above problems and see clearly.  It will be interesting to see how these energies reveal themselves over the coming year...

What do you see in this image?  And what do you make of Emily's meanings?  I'd love to hear other interpretations and ideas.

Image: overlay of 61, 38 and 58 from Emily Carding's Transparent Oracle.


  1. Wonderful reading. I really do need to get a transparent deck.

    Hope you have a wonderful year!

  2. I was gutted not to be able to buy an Oracle at the Conference. Am SO going to get a group order going for this.

    Great reading, sensitively and sensibly constructed. Tons of love and luck in 2011!

    Ali xxx

  3. Hi Cher,

    I highly recommend both of Emily's transparent decks - they really are incredibly innovative, while still being very readable! Wishing you a fabulous 2011, too :-)

    Hi Ali,

    You must get your mitts on one of these, definitely worth it. Glad you liked the reading - I was surprised by how different my intuitive reading was to Emily's take on the cards, but maybe that's just me being a Pollyanna. Wishing you and yours health and happiness in 2011 :-)


  4. Wonderful reading! I had a very similar reading for 2011 personally. Doreen Virtue also did a 2011 reading using all her oracle decks and also contains the same messages. It is the year of coming into one's power. A year of the lightwoker, a year of one going forth and manifesting - soul purpose! The darkness and shadow is behind us, we are transforming and moving toward our ascension. It's an exiting time :)

    Per the transparent oracle, I'm not a great tarot reader, more of an oracle reader and been looking for a new deck to work with. Great review and this clinched it for me, off to buy the transparent oracle :)