Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations The Chariot

The image presented to us today by the Housewives Tarot is a rather non-traditional Chariot.

Two women stand together in the foreground, bearing brown paper grocery bags.  One holds aloft a can labelled "Risk", and in her bag we can also see "Gain" and "Choice".  The other hefts a bag from which peeks a can of "Tarot" :-)  They seem to be discussing the "Risk", so this seems almost like a tarot reading in itself.  Behind them is an old-fashioned sedan, green with a brown stripe.  Not very elegant, but it looks like it'd get them home with all their shopping, and a bunch of kids, too!

Affirmations based on this card are:

I choose carefully as I move forward.

I am supported by good friends.

I use my intuition to plot my course through life's minefields.

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