Thursday, 17 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Five of Cups

This week's cards will be drawn from the Universal Fantasy Tarot, a deck published by Lo Scarabeo.   This is a slightly non-traditional deck, with a fantasy-based motif.  The colours are vibrant, the scenes somewhat surreal.

Today's card is the Five of Cups.  A man stands at a low window framed by pillars.  He wears an ornate, armoured-looking top which seems almost organic, with a flowing red tunic beneath.  Outside the window we see a vast, futuristic city and a high walkway, with carriages and people travelling along it.  Inside the room there are three over-turned cups; on the windowsill to his left, and behind and to the left of him.  To the right, on a chest, stand two full cups.  His pose is despondent, an air of heaviness surrounds him, yet he gazes out, and in the distance we see a lake and mountains.

My affirmations based on this card are:

I release the past and look to the future.

Opening to nature helps me tune into my emotions.

I leave behind difficult emotional situations and become more open.


  1. Love this deck. I never thought of this figure as male, not that it matters a whit. He or she is refusing to look beyond to obvious, for the potential.
    Great Affirmations~

  2. Hi Sharyn, how interesting! To me it seems obvious that it's a man because of the broad shoulders and bulging biceps. Still, in this deck, as in life, there are many possibilities. I quite like that it's not just women who can get trapped in their emotions. And I love your take on willfully refusing to look beyond the obvious. I've always thought of this as a more passive inability...
    Thanks for the interesting perspective, Chloe