Friday, 4 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations for Death

For today's affirmations, the Tarot of the Pagan Cats furnishes us with a dark image in the Death card.

A pure black cat wears a collar sporting a silver rose, reminiscent of the flag carried by the Rider-Waite-Smith Death.  One paw rests commandingly on a scythe, while the cat sits next to a gravestone in a cemetery.  It feels like a moonlight night, though the moon is not in view, but it casts its light from behind the celtic cross of the headstone.  In front of the grave are more roses, in a vase, sitting on the rough ground.

My affirmations based on this card are:

I mourn the past in order to move on.

I cut my ties to unhealthy areas of my life.

I appreciate what has been at the same time as embracing what will be.


  1. This card makes me think of the times over the years I've observed animals grieve for their lost animal companions.

    your first affirmation is an excellent one. So often something festers on the back burner and is ignored, but we can't use that burner again until we take care of the problem.

    Great blog, Sharyn

  2. Hi Sharyn,

    Hmm, I hadn't thought of it in that light... but given how sensitive cats are to "minor" things such as going away for the weekend, that makes perfect sense!

    Thanks for stopping by :-)