Thursday, 10 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations High Priestess

For the next week, my daily draws will be from a tried and trusted old friend, the Housewives Tarot.  This deck has been in print for years, and the reasons for its popularity are quickly apparent.  Full of humour, yet depth, it speaks in everyday symbolism.

The card I drew today is the High Priestess.  A Secret Syrup bottle in female form sports a label/apron promising that "The mysteries of the universe are sweeter than you know!"  She looks calm and wise, hands folded comfortably at her waist and head tilted slightly to the side.  Behind her is an old-fashioned breakfast table and chairs.  The background is a crazy-paving style yellow, and the chairs are up-holstered in green.  Her bottle-top crown is gold, while she herself is a warm shade of brown, with an aura surrounding her.  One of the messages I see here is that it is only possible to enjoy the true sweetness of life if you stop and take time to look inside yourself.

My affirmations based on this card are:

I value my intuition.

I hold my peace.

Life is sweet.

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