Monday, 7 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Ten of Wands

Once again I'm drawing from the Tarot of the Pagan Cats, which I'm finding delightful.  Today's card, the Ten of Wands, is a little harsher than some.

An auburn and white cat (I'm sure there must be a name for this type of colouring, if anyone would care to enlighten me) trudges towards a lovely looking house.  Strapped to him are ten wands, and he seems bowed by this burden.  The house at the end of the path he follows is protected by stone walls and a double gate, and rises above the trees that surround it.  In the grass to the side of the path we can make out daisies.

My chosen affirmations for this card are:

I bear my burdens stoically.

There is a warm, abundant welcome at the end of my journey.

Opportunities abound within and beyond my current projects.

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