Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Three of Swords

Interesting to see this card, as the Three of Swords also came up last week with the Victorian Romantic Tarot.  The Tarot of the Pagan Cats version is rather more traditional.  Let's see what difference this makes in the affirmations...

A white, long-haired cat slinks grimly through pouring rain, looking distinctly displeased.  Above we see a read heart pierced by three swords.  Each sword's hilt is decorated with a different emblem of the elements - fire, earth and water.  Only air, the element of Swords themselves, is not directly shown.  Dark clouds bulge in the sky above.

So, what of the affirmations?

I progress despite damp spirits.

I cut to the heart of situations, seeing rationally all aspects.

It's OK to cry, tears can help wash away the pain.


  1. Yeah this image does make you think about the three just a little differently. I came up with:
    It's moving through the pain that helps us find new ground.

    I loved your "I progress despite damp spirits."


  2. Hi Helen,

    I found the cat's expression so affecting - he or she looks seriously miffed with the situation :-D Really like your take on it, too. A bit different to Rachel Pollack's holding pain to work through it, that sense of movement feels quite freeing.

    Best, Chloe