Saturday, 12 February 2011

Daily Draw Affirmations Two of Cups

Today's card from the 1950's-style Housewives Tarot is the ever-romantic Two of Cups.

In this particular version we see two people, reminiscent of Doris Day and one of her movie beau's from the period.  The two stand a "decent" distance apart, hand in hand but in different glasses, which lean away from each other.  Still, they gaze at each other with joy and youthful innocence.  I find it somewhat disconcerting that, as they stand in glasses of punch, they seem to have no legs.

My affirmations based on this card, then, are:

I remain grounded even when emotions run high.

I love and am loved.

I feel joyful with my lover. 

I connect deeply with others while keeping a clear sense of myself.


  1. This is certainly a cute deck Chloe!

    I laughed when I saw the image, they are almost waist high in emotions lol.

    I particularly liked your "I connect deeply with others while keeping a clear sense of myself."

    How about:-
    When I endeavour to put differences aside, then harmony can be mine.

  2. Oh, Helen, what an obvious insight once you've made the connection: I adore your comment about them being waist high in emotions!! Isn't that so typical of falling in love - all emotion from the waist down and idealism from the waist up.

    Love your affirmation, too. A great mix of relationship and individuality, so often forgotten in the merging of the Two of Cups.