Monday, 21 February 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes the Chariot

Still picking cards from the Universal Fantasy Tarot, I continue to delight in the colour and beauty of these images.

In the Chariot the foreground is dominated by three winged horses.  The furthest left is aquamarine, with a pink mane and white wings, the second is purple with a pale purple mane and light blue wings, the third is lilac with a light lilac mane and white wings.  Behind them rises an incredibly huge and ornate chariot.  At the centre of the structure is a female figure, which seems to be part of the chariot itself.  Her hands come out to either side of the pillars that enclose her.  All in all, she seems to be a decoration or design, rather than an actual person.

My gratitudes based on this card:

I am thankful that I feel supported rather than limited by the structure of my life.

I am grateful for the ability to explore new directions.

I am thankful that I have several different possibilities drawing me forward.

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