Sunday, 27 February 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Dreamer Nine

A rather darker image from the Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding for today's card.

In the Dreamer Nine we see a nightmare landscape, as proclaimed by the subtitle.  A clawed hand rises on a puff of breath from a woman's face.  The hand drips blood and has already scratched her once, from nose to jaw.  At second glance, the woman appears to be part of the landscape, part of a chain of mountains, all dripped in blood perhaps from the light of the moon.  From the woman's eye a rain of tears turns into a path, but all those on it are struck down, lying on the floor, on their knees or, the furthest from the woman, dropping sword and clutching their head.  The full moon behind the mountain-woman seems sickly, pale green.  Encircled in red, the blood moon shines, while further out a purple circle or explosion lends added darkness to the scene.

What to make of this in terms of gratitudes?

I am grateful for the times I sleep calmly.

I am thankful that the worst things that happen to me are imaginings, not true calamities.


  1. This is a dark image isn't it. It's as though it shows the turmoil one's mind can produce at times. Do you see in her hair there appears to be another eye, not encumbered by anything, just sitting there getting a clear view of the situation. I like that, it's like saying there is another part of her that really knows what's going on may not really be what it seems.

    I really like your gratitude statements. I have one too based on the clear seeing eye - I am grateful that when I open my eyes fully I have to chance to see what is illusion and what is real.

  2. Hi Helen,

    Funny, somehow I saw that as a fish, rather than an eye. Of course, your interpretation makes a lot more sense!

    I love your gratitude - it fits really well both for the image and for the card generally. Here's to seeing clearly!