Monday, 28 February 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Dreamer Two

I continue to delight in the images from Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe, even when they are somewhat ambivalent.

Today's card is the Dreamer Two, traditionally the Two of Swords.  Here we see a pointy-eared spirit embodied in the moon.  One half is white, the other black - a single mind split asunder.  Below the moon flies a magpie, heading straight for us out of the card.  Mountains slope gently in to the centre of the card, rising through clouds.  Energetic swirls spin away from the moon spirit.

The sense of one mind drawn in two different directions is strong.  These are polarities, not just two paths heading roughly the same way, but light and dark, yes and no, day and night.  The card is subtitled Half-Moon Truce.  So, there is a balance here between both sides, the chance to call a truce rather than fight.  One message I see is not to let the truce turn into a stalemate, to take this time of balance to find a compromise so that forward movement becomes possible - the magpie wears balanced stripes of dark and light.

My gratitudes:

I am grateful for people who can see both sides of an argument.

I am thankful for the moments of calm in life, even when it is the calm before the storm.

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