Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes King of Cups

Today the Universal Fantasy Tarot offers up a court card on which to base gratitudes.

In the King of Cups we see a rather austere, bald figure wearing a trident crown.  He holds a scepter and a chalice, and sits on a very blocky throne.  In front and to the right of him is a creature that seems to be a cross between a snake and a dragon.  The seas around him rage, the water seeming to transform into the dark blue material that swathes around him, while behind him a ship sails on placid waters.  The sky is scarlet, a stark contrast to the pale green throne and greyish blue material.  I have the sense of someone battered by rough emotions, yet he seems impervious, even calm.  Perhaps strong emotions do not phase him, he feels able to weather them without being overwhelmed.

I am grateful for the men in my life who are willing to own their emotions.

I am thankful that my life contains both moments of high emotion and moments of calm.

I am grateful to be able to manage emotional situations when I face them.


  1. I remember a few years ago a flame war raged at AT over whether a trident had 3 or 4 forks. People is funny. I'm enjoying your thankies.

  2. Hi Sharyn,
    Wow, what a thing to wage a flame war over! Clearly too few students of latin these days - tri stands for three!! Anyway... glad you're enjoying the gratitudes.