Friday, 18 February 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Ten of Pentacles

Having decided to move to drawing cards on which to base a daily practice of gratitude, I decided to remain with the Universal Fantasy Tarot.  With this Ten of Pentacles the fantastical artwork of Paolo Martinello continues to delight.

Two figures, a man and woman, stand at the top of a flight of stairs leading from a building out into a canyon, with mountains beyond.  A curtain is swept up and to the left, burgundy with gold pentacles.  In front of the curtain stand two somewhat sinister figures; a hooded man with an ornate wand, and a dwarf with pointed ears and intricate leather sandals.  The couple seem ready for their journey, with the man holding a walking stick and a backpack, the woman carrying a couple of smaller bags.

My gratitudes, then:

I am grateful for the adventures and journeys I can experience.

I am grateful for travelling through life accompanied by love.

I am grateful for the strength to ignore the whispers of those who wish me ill.


  1. from my side of the monitor, those two figures look like RWS 5 of coins figures.

    I kept a gratitude journal for three years, it changed the way I view life. For the better...

  2. Hi Sharyn,

    I kind of see what you mean about the Five of Pentacles - something to do with their clothes, maybe? Still, when I look at the sumptuousness of the curtain, and the beauty of the landscape they are heading out towards, I get a quite different feel.

    I shall look forward to seeing how my daily gratitudes practice works out, though I'm not sure I'll continue for three years...

  3. The artwork is indeed fantastical! You are introducing me to decks I have not looked at before.

    I just thought of another gratitude one for you, referring to those two small strange figures.
    'I am grateful for not judging a book by its cover.'

  4. Hi Helen,

    Well, there are so many beautiful decks out there... I confess to being a tarot-holic ;-)

    I really like your gratitude as well! It's true that there are so many possible stories going on here. Perhaps the two strange figures are skulking behind the curtain because of something fearful on the other side. Perhaps they are all bidding a last goodbye to the path out before turning inward... I tend to go with whatever story strikes me in the moment, intuiting that it's what I need to see right now.

  5. I'm enjoying reading your quotes Chloe and seeing your decks.

  6. Well, my Tarot of the Sidhe, which I ordered last July, is finally supposed to be arriving on Monday, so guess what deck I'll use next week :-D