Friday, 11 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Ace of Grails

A rather lighter card to end this series of daily draws from Ian Daniels' Tarot of Vampyres.

In the Ace of Grails (Cups) we see the eponymous grail, black against a background of thorny branches from which grow green roses (yes, really).  Meanwhile, the grail itself is decorated with green gems, including a green, heart-shaped stone in the centre of one side.  Limned in green, it makes me think of a poisoned chalice, yet the green is not sickly, though somewhat off-putting - it's not a colour I'd want to drink, even if I don't think it would make me throw up.

With green often being associated with envy, one suggestion for a shadow-side interpretation of this card is that positive emotions, or the start of a new relationship, evoke envy - in us or in others.   A more up-beat slant on this sees green as being about growth, nature and vitality.  In this instance, the interpretation might be more along the lines of a new emotional start that has lots of potential both spiritually and relationally.  Another message I see here is that a small amount of poison can innoculate us against further harm.

My gratitudes based on this card are:

I am thankful that I can feel deep emotions, even difficult ones, as they keep me alive and in touch with others.

I am grateful for the envy I feel which helps me strive for more.

I am thankful for the love and spiritual connection I feel in my life.

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