Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Eight of Scepters

Wow, there are a lot of hot-but-scary men in this deck!  Ian Daniels' Tarot of Vampyres tries to club us over the head with today's card.

Leaping from a high block, wielding a glowing cross, comes a bare-chested figure with long, dark hair flying, black cape billowing, blood dripping from his mouth.  His arms are decorated with tattoos and leather armbands, while from his necklace hangs a Sagittarian arrow, and at his belt clasp we see the symbol for Mercury.  His eyes gleam redly as he springs into action with a yell.  I notice that the block from which he has come is decorated with an arrow that points to a cat-mask.  No tame tabby this, but something with fangs and red, swirling patterns on its face.

In traditional Eight of Wands cards there is often no person depicted.  The sense of movement comes from flying wands or other symbols of movement and direction.  Nevertheless, that sense of things moving fast is certainly portrayed here, with perhaps a more active slant.  No arrows of love flying towards us, but anger, fury, and the need to take action.


I am grateful for the speed with which things can happen when I set my mind to it.

I am thankful for having the energy to spring into action.

I am grateful that not every day is an Eight of Wands day - talk about exhausting ;-)

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