Monday, 14 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Eight of Wands

Today is the turn of the Eight of Wands, from the New Mythic Tarot by tarot luminary Juliet Sharman-Burke and astrologer Liz Greene.

Here we see the ship that carries Jason and the Argonauts, heading home from their quest to recover the Golden Fleece.  Alongside the ship swim dolphins, and the seas are calm: plain sailing.  The sails, of which there are eight, are red with bright suns in the middle - a lot of energy and drive here, ambition and the urge to triumph.  I like that, in traditional Greek fashion, there is an eye painted on the front of the boat's hull, keeping an eye on the weather and what lies ahead.  The boat's prow is decorated with a bird's head, swift flight through the waters of life, following its instincts to reach land as quickly as possible.


I am grateful for days when things go smoothly.

I am thankful for the spirits that accompany me in my journey.

I am grateful for having the energy and drive to achieve my goals.

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