Monday, 21 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Four of Swords

Today's offering from the Tarot of a Moon Garden is the Four of Swords.

As so often in the minors of this deck, there are no human figures apparent here.  Instead, we see three swords rising up, lifted by the pink, purple and violet coloured butterflies that are their hilts.  A fourth sword, also with a butterfly hilt, floats horizontally above a unicorn with a rainbow mane.  The unicorn has its back to us, but is looking over its shoulder out of the card.  In front of the unicorn lies a knight's plumed helmet.  Looking closer I notice that there seems to be a blond head resting against the unicorn's shoulder and armoured legs poking out from behind it.  So, perhaps we have a knight resting in the gentle embrace of the unicorn.

My sense of this card is one of deep peace and transformation.  There is the idea that the knight needs to rest and recuperate from his travails, but what better place to do it?  I find myself feeling envious of this knight, of having found such a safe and healing haven.

So, my gratitudes:

I am grateful for the safe havens in my life, be they people or places.

I am thankful for the times when I can truly rest, be it in sleep or in meditation.

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