Monday, 7 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes The Hermit

Today's card from the eerily beautiful and somewhat dark Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels is the Hermit.

Here we see a cloaked figure bearing a burning stave in one hand, and dragging a net of skulls behind him with the other.  In the front of the card is a black wolf with red eyes, who bares his teeth at something or someone off to the left of the card.  The Hermit is dashing past a cross with a beautiful, female figure on top of it, and the glyph for Virgo in the centre.  The Hermit has a short-sword strapped to his back, and seems intent on moving down a tree-lined path towards a misty, distant light.

Are the skulls part of some arcane rite that he wishes to perform?  And what of his wolf-companion: devil's beast or shapeshifter, and is there a difference?  Less lonesome than the traditional Hermit, nonetheless the sense of seeking spiritual knowledge is there, though this Hermit seems more active, too - charging around gathering what he needs and searching for the right place to use them, rather than seeking through quiet solitude.

My gratitudes, then:

I am thankful for the opportunities for spiritual learning that present themselves in many guises.

I am grateful for companions on my spiritual path.

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