Sunday, 13 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes The Hermit

On this second day drawing from the New Mythic Tarot we meet the Hermit.

The book tells us that this figure is Cronos, whose name means time.  This card has many of the traditional symbols and associations of the Hermit: his light guiding himself and others through the darkness; the scythe representing time and endings (as the hourglass does in the traditional RWS image); his position on a mountain path showing his search for higher truths.  The crow perched on his shoulder represents "the embodiment of the spirit of the old king who has died to make way for the new cycle."

Once again, I am struck by the positive reading of a character who seems less spiritual when I look deeper into his story.  Cronos was the last-born son of Uranus, and his mother fashioned his scythe so that he could overthrow his father, who had banished his Titan sons to the underworld.  Having started this cycle of change, however, Cronos was afraid for himself, and so tried to kill his own progeny before they could kill him.  Zeus broke this cycle, though this time only banishing his father rather than killing him outright.  This brings a strong element of cyclical time to this card, more reminiscent of the Wheel, as well as a dark shadow - Cronos walks alone with time to introspect because he is being punished for his filicide.

My gratitudes for today:

I am grateful for the ability to study and learn, without having this feel like a punishment.

I am thankful to those have gone before me, lighting the path with their knowledge and ideas.

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