Sunday, 20 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes The King of Swords

On this second day drawing from the Tarot of a Moon Garden, I am faced by the King of Swords.

This King sits on a butterfly-decorated throne.  He wears a crown with a hood around his face, and an orange cape held together at the neck by a cross.  His tunic underneath is purple, gold and blue, and there are red stripes and purple borders to his cape.  To his left there seems to be a carnivorous plant, with a tooth-filled mouth.  Overall, he seems rather austere and closed off, cold though with some superficial warmth and strength.  Perhaps this represents his changeable nature.  Certainly, he seems very aware of his own regal importance.  Having his head covered in this way makes me feel he is cut off from his body, over logical.  The blue of his clothes suggests an ability to communicate, and the purple could suggest a connection to spirit.  However, I see it more as representing his haughtiness, which can come across in how he thinks and what he says.  There is hidden bite here, as represented by the carnivorous plant.

Trying to see the more positive side to him, my gratitudes are:

I am thankful for times when I communicate clearly and think logically.

I am grateful for the people in my life who take decisions seriously.

I am thankful for the transformation that can come through mental processes.

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