Thursday, 24 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Nine of Staffs

Today's card feels particularly playful to me.  Taken again from the Tarot of a Moon Garden, we have the Nine of Staffs.

It took me a while to spot that there is actually a person on this card!  A figure with a blue band around their head peeks out from behind the central tree, with a unicorn to their right.  Strange plants grow up all about, some with small red fruit.  So, for me, there is more a sense of hiding than of defensiveness per se, though of course the two are related.  They could be hiding as a form of defense.  Less belligerent than traditional depictions, the unicorn adds a softer side, also, suggesting spiritual protection and joy.

My gratitudes for this card:

I am grateful for the ability to show only as much of myself as feels safe.

I am thankful for the feeling that I am protected by kind beings.

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