Sunday, 6 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Prince of Skulls

For this second daily draw from the Tarot of Vampyres I am confronted by a court card: the Prince of Skulls.  In traditional decks this would be equivalent to the Knight of Pentacles.

This Prince's transparent cape and dark hair are blown in the wind, yet he faces into the wind, appearing undaunted.  Beneath his hand is what appears to be either the hilt of a huge sword, sporting a skull at the intersection between the grip and the guard, or perhaps just a cross.  On his belt, around his arms, and at neck and chest coins are attached to his clothes and jewellry - a real sense of wealth, even ostentation.  He is clearly a Vampyre, with sharp teeth and nails, and pointed ears, as well as a pale complexion as he stands in the light of a blood-tinted full moon.  However, I also notice the pale moth that perches on the skull.  So, stability, wealth, but also the possibility of transformation - rather unusual compared to the Knight of Pentacles, who is a bit more of a stick-in-the-mud.

What to make of this in terms of gratitudes?

I am thankful for the stable men in my life who fill it with emotional and spiritual riches.

I am grateful for my own steadfastness.

I am thankful for the relative material ease I enjoy.

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