Saturday, 5 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Seven of Skulls

This week I've chosen to draw from the Tarot of Vampyres, by British artist Ian Daniels.  I love the beauty of these images, which charm with their dark elegance.

The card drawn for today is the Seven of Skulls, traditionally the Seven of Pentacles.  Here we see a female figure clutching at a sun dial on which is inscribed the sign for Taurus, and the base of which is decorated with a skull.  She holds what looks like a pomegranate in one hand, and it's red juices run down her hand, arm and face like blood.  Behind her is a gnarly tree, from which dangles a Saturn symbol, planet of limitations and life cycles.  All around her lie more of the dark fruit she holds, seemingly putrefying on the floor.  The woman is bare breasted, and her face looks human, but her back sprouts hair, as do her legs, which sport elongated feet.

On the dark side, there is a distinct feeling of trying to hold onto time, and of the fruits of what we do being bitter (sweet?)  There also seems to be something about the limitations set on us by the cycles of life and death.  Good gothic stuff! :-)

My gratitudes for this card are:

I am grateful for the times when I see the fruits of my labour.

I am thankful for the sweetness of life.

I am grateful for the passage of time that allows development and growth.

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