Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Six of Cups

Still drawing from the somewhat whimsical Tarot of a Moon Garden, today's card is the Six of Cups.

Once again, this card is very different from traditional renditions, with no people on it.  Instead we see what seems like the crenelation of a tower, except that it must be quite low as it is surrounded by strange looking plants and flowers.  On the wall notches are balanced cups, each with a flower emerging from it, though no two flowers are the same.  Unlike the traditional sense of something from the past, old friendships, or childhood naivete, this card suggests more a softening of defenses.  Although the cups are on a battlement, they are filled with flowers, not at all warlike.  There is a feeling of being more protected than if there were no wall, but also a sense of openness to nature, and to joy and softer feelings.  A waning moon shines down on the flowered parapet, giving me a feeling of endings rather than beginnings.  But, ending what?  An end to defensiveness, an openness to emotion?

My gratitudes for this card, then:

I am thankful for all the emotions I have experienced and the learning gained through them about trust and hope.

I am grateful for my emotional defenses, as well as the fact that I can let them down at will.

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