Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Ten of Staffs

Drawing again from the fairytale Tarot of a Moon Garden, today's card is the Ten of Staffs (Wands).

In the foreground are ferns, flowers and mushrooms, and a tiny unicorn no bigger than the plants around it.  Then there is a wall of ten trees with a gap in the middle.  Through the gap we see a butterfly, and in the distance a fairytale castle, with turrets and crenellations.

To me, this card has a completely different feel to the traditional Ten of Wands image.  There is no sense of being overburdened, just one of possibility and perhaps a journey to undertake.  We can slip through the gap between the trees and follow the butterfly of transformation towards a magical place of safety and abundance.  This reminds me slightly of the image in the Ten of Wands from the Tarot of Pagan Cats - mainly because of the home towards which each card directs us.

My gratitudes based on this card:

I am thankful for the joy, comfort and safety I find in my home.

I am grateful for the journey that still lies ahead of me.

I am thankful for moving towards my spiritual home.


  1. When I looked at this, I saw those 10 wands as a sort of barrier, not insurmountable, but a challenge to us to slip through if we dare. It raised questions in my mind like how do we allow outside obstacles to block our transformation? Can we see past those things in front of us to be able to move forward? Are we brave enough to take that first step?

    I think your statement "I am grateful for the journey that still lies ahead of me." is a wonderful expression of this image of this card.

    I came up with:
    I am grateful to be able to summon up the courage to step into a new direction even if things appear to block my way.

  2. Hi Helen,

    Funny, what I saw most was the gap, while you saw the barrier - one of those glass half full or half empty things, I suspect. Still, I love your gratitude - looking to yourself to overcome difficulties. And your questions seem very appropriate, both to this card and to the 10 of Wands more generally. Thanks for your insights!