Friday, 25 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Three of Staffs

The final card from the Tarot of the Moon Garden is another Staff (Wand) card, this time the Three.

As so often this week, this card strikes me quite differently to traditional RWS-based decks.  In it we see three trees, with a large gap between them.  Partially covered by one tree, but moving out into the gap between them, is the shadow of a boat, looking like a purple dragon.  It seems, judging by the head/prow, to be sailing away, rather than towards us.  Less plants are apparent in this card than in most of the others.  I am struck by the three tiers of fungi growing low down on the trunk of one tree, and the two mushrooms growing at the base of another.  Mushrooms grow in dark places and on dead trees, which these don't seem to be - poetic licence?  They are important in the cycle of life, breaking down other matter and converting it into something edible.  Of course, they can also be toxic or hallucinogenic ;-D

Gratitudes for this card:

I am grateful for what I have achieved, and for what still lies ahead.

I am thankful for the growth and learning that death can bring.

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