Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Daily Draw Gratitudes Two of Scepters

Another dark image from the powerful, gothic treasure that is the Tarot of Vampyres.

Today's card is the Two of Scepters, traditionally the Two of Wands.  A figure reminiscent of the war god Aries lunges to the right, a blood-tipped, arrow-headed scepter held pointing upward in both hands.  Behind him we see a dark tower, from the top of which a red flame emerges.  Behind him, below the castle battlements, a fire rages.  He wears ornate shinguards, and a helm with goat-like horns.  His armour protects his chest, back and shoulders, leaving is arms bare.  On his right upper arm there is a beautiful rose tattoo.  His belt clasp is an Aries symbol, while from his belt hang a multiplicity of small chains, with a Mars glyph dangling from one, while the others are simple circles.  I notice, also, a small red heart just beneath the arrow-head of his scepter.

So, far from looking out peaceably from a castle as his traditional counterpart does, this figure sees a world in flames.  He is willing to go out and do battle, for this is his nature, but it is not just fighting for the sake of it.  He is fighting for what he loves, what he believes in, defending what he values.

My gratitudes:

I am grateful not to be confronted by this kind of anger and determination directed against me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to defend what I believe in, both people and ideas.

I am grateful for the protection of those in my life.

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