Tuesday, 29 March 2011

DNA Update

So, today one of my clients Did Not Attend.  This time, however, what it made me think about is the other side of the equation - the other person's perspective.  What to me feels like a blow, may be exactly what the other person needs to do.  It may be, for them, a way of balancing out something going on in their life, of finding the right mix to make their life a little more bearable.

Likewise, I wonder whether other Tower events, big or small, might also be seen as balancing out something.  This brings me back to karma, I guess.  The sense that what seems like a catastrophe from one perspective, might be necessary from another.  I think, for example, of the recent events in Japan.  From a human perspective these are devastating, total Tower catastrophes.  And yet, from the perspective of the earth's tectonic plates, this was maybe just a necessary adjustment, a balancing out of forces and tensions.  That's a pretty inhumane perspective, but then, it's not just all about us people scurrying about on the surface of this planet.

Barbara Moore wrote in this season's edition of TABI's Ezine about the dark side of tarot, and I certainly see that here.  While it may feel pretty dark to see the terrible loss of life and destruction in Japan as something necessary and perhaps even beneficial at some level, perhaps we need sometimes to be able to take this kind of overarching perspective.  And how much more so when it's just a minor Tower event like a shaking of self-confidence?

I chose the Alchemist (Temperance) from the Wizards Tarot for this post, in part because of the synchrony with the (Alchemist's) Tower, but also because of the notion of finding a balance which may not be obvious at the outset.  The Alchemist mixes different substances, trying to find the perfect concoction, and pays no heed to the lightning storm outside his room - his focus is only on what he is trying to achieve, with no care for the Tower he inhabits.  The metaphors here are all mixed, but its that sense of balance, and of single-minded purpose that ignores other perspectives, that I'm trying to put across.  So, today I focus not on my own Tower moment, but on what it may mean from the other side of the wall.

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