Friday, 25 March 2011

Wizards Tarot Interview

The beautiful and playful Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen arrived on Tuesday, so I decided I'd like to get to know it a bit better.  However, the questions here are about how we will work/play together.  After all, there are always at least two parties to a reading.  There is the deck as thing: 78 pieces of card with images on.  But far more than that, there is what the author intended in designing each picture, as well as what the artist put into the actual manifestation.  There is how the cards fall in a given spread, whether you believe that's coincidence, synchronicity, serendipity, or something else.  And there's what the reader brings to interpreting the cards, which is affected by their temperament generally, but also by the situation on a given day.

I was privileged to see these cards back in October 2009 when Corrine spoke at the UK Tarot Conference.  She had brought super-sized prototypes with her, and we used them in the various workshops she led.  The images were stunningly beautiful, and I liked the playful, magical premise behind the deck: stepping into the lives of the staff and students at Mandrake Academy - very Harry Potter-esque!

What will our exploration of values be like?  The Magician

Exploring values will be a magical experience :-D  There is passion and purity here with the red roses and white lilies.  A safe space to discover and play with the sacred circle, but also dedication and will to make what I believe in manifest (as above so below in the hand gestures).  There is a sense of harmony to this card, with the two circles of light holding up the suit implements, and also the idea that all aspects of life will be encompassed in this exploration.  The Magician stands in front of a window, a portal to access the rest of the world, and astrological signs decorate the wall behind him - this gives him an overview of both the physical reality and the of the metaphysical.

So, exploring in safety, but able to see all aspects of life to discover what is really important in this moment, and then bring it to fruition.

How will we relate on emotional issues?  Queen of Cups

Oh, what a perfect card for the area of relating!  I am generally a big fan of the Queen of Cups in most decks (well, the Ancestral Path being a bit of an exception as she looks like a real wet blanket, but that might just be me).  This beautiful, calm yet strong Queen of Cups looks like she's meditating, or praying.  She sits amongst strange underwater plants, surrounded by schools of different kinds of fish.  Around her are what seem to be ruins from a lost civilization, now hidden under the water.  She wears a trident crown, a necklace, an upper-arm bracelet (there must be a word for that), and pearls as a belt.

My sense here is that we will be deeply in tune emotionally, and will be able to go into profound emotional issues while keeping a sense of ourselves.  We can explore past emotional history without being overwhelmed, and also look towards new paths for growth.  All this will be filled with spirit and a certain lightness.

Can we work together on a rational level?  The Chariot

We most certainly can, though it may take a bit of compromising.  Flying a broom isn't always easy, one needs to keep one's focus clear ;-)  There is just a sliver of a crescent moon here - much is in darkness, but working together we can begin to bring light and understanding into our experience.  The wisdom of the ages (the pyramids and sphinx) is available to us, if we can just learn to access it.  Corrine notes in the book that although the Professor of Astral Travel looks young, her hair is white, suggesting that she is older and wiser than she seems.

Likewise, this deck is playful and youthful in its content and imagery, and yet holds a great depth of symbolism.  Accessing this will allow us to look at things rationally, though it may sometimes take a bit of focus not to be distracted by the beautiful sights along the way.

How practical will our work and play be?  King of Swords

The King of Swords stands firm, wielding his sword with decision.  He is able to be very practical, basing his choices and actions on rational ideas and logical approaches to any situation.  Yet there is a lightness to this particular depiction of the King of Swords, because of his wings - he is a sylph - and all the birds that fly around him.  I imagine them calling to him, relaying messages from spirit, and passing on news from all the places they have flown.  So, he is also well-informed, and can make practical decisions from a place of knowledge.

This bodes well for the practicality of our relationship - it will be focused, but without getting mired in the nitty gritty: always keeping a certain sense of perspective.

What is the deep truth about our relationship?  Page of Wands

Serendipitously, this is the card that I drew at the 2009 UK Tarot Conference in Corrine Kenner's "Beyond the Celtic Cross" workshop!

The Court Cards of this deck, as can be seen in the Queen of Cups and King of Swords above also, are elemental beings appropriate to the Golden Dawn assignation of elements to the suits.  So, Wands show Salamander people, Cups show Undines, Swords show Sylphs and Pentacles show Gnomes.

Here, we see a young Salamander.  She holds a burning torch in one hand and a scroll in the other.  Behind her, a staircase rises, with a reddish light at the top - sunrise or sunset, or a fire in a cave above?  She wears orange clothes, with beautiful gold patterning and details.  There is a sense of movement and anticipation here, she is on her way somewhere.

The deep truth of our relationship, then, is that it will be full of enthusiasm, inspiration, and journeys to magical places.  We will share fascinating messages, and explore paths to enlightenment, all while staying playful.  I can't wait!


  1. I love this interview! Nice job!

  2. Thanks, Corrine, it was a pleasure to do: I'm loving finally having this gorgeous deck in my hands! I'll be blogging with it all week, as well having a few readings scheduled so I'll see how we get on playing with others, too :-)