Saturday, 30 April 2011

Body-Mind-Spirit Reading

Today I meditated with the Wildwood Tarot.  Starting with creating a circle, and some simple breathing exercises, I moved on to a visualisation involving the Ancestor (the card pictured on the box of the Wildwood Tarot).  My meditation was somewhat disturbed by my Dear One bringing Baby Boy upstairs for a nap, which didn't last long and, as so often, ended about 10 minutes later with him crying to get out of bed.  Not the best circumstances for a meditation.  Still, I did feel I had gained some insight and energy from it.

At the end, I decided to do a quick reading on what I needed to learn from this meditation, in terms of body, mind and spirit.  The cards I drew made me both laugh out loud and want to pull my hair out in frustration.  They were:

Body - Queen of Stones - Bear

What this says to me is that for my body my number one priority is still protecting my cub.  My mind and spirit may want to commune with the Ancestor, but the primal pull to listen out for my child to be sure he's okay is far stronger.  This isn't all bad, of course.  I'm glad to think of myself as a devoted mother.  Still, sometimes it would be nice to allow time for myself.  I think, from this, that it will have to be when BB is at nursery, so I can't possibly hear him

Mind - Five of Arrows - Frustration

During the meditation I quite often had to resort to the image of blowing away distracting thoughts.  This is a common issue for me, and I try to picture my distracted mental wanderings on a cloud that I blow away, releasing them and allowing calm to return.  Today, though, there was the added frustration of noticing how once I heard DO carrying BB upstairs, I found it almost impossible not to consciously listen out.  I knew that I didn't have to be responsible, that DO was in charge, but my mind had other ideas.  So, despite my attempts to focus, to make my mind one-pointed, directed at meditation, my thoughts flew wild as the arrows of this huntsman, and my goal remained elusive as the goat.

Spirit - Seven of Bows - Clearance

Ha!  The self-same card as came up in my Elemental Interview with the Wildwood with reference to what it can teach me about listening to spirit.  Clearly, then, I haven't yet got the message

This deck can help me let go of old patterns, and start afresh spiritually.  However, first I must burn away what isn't needed.  So, how do I do that?  Hmm, I think I may need to do a separate reading just on this...  Perhaps there's a message about having my back-up plan/s already lined up, like the freshly hewn staves ready to be made into bows.  In other words, I need to be more organised about my spiritual practice.


When I came downstairs about 10 minutes later BB was fast asleep on DO's lap, and DO was asleep too!  Heart-warming, and a reminder that they really don't need me all the time!


As the meditation and the reading have settled in a bit more, I come to a more positive reading of the Seven of Bows.  The visualisation was quite different to what I am used to, so perhaps there is an aspect saying, "See, already I begin to teach you new ways of seeing and experiencing.  We still have a lot to do and learn, but spiritual growth takes time: just be open and leave preconceptions behind."

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