Friday, 22 April 2011

The Brady Bunch

For the last day with the Pearls of Wisdom by Roxi Sim and Caelli Fullbrite (7th House) I drew the Ten of Pentacles.

This vision of a blond family dancing joyously in the sun somehow brought to mind the Brady Bunch.  And this may be quite a good metaphor for the Ten of Pentacles.  A lot of family, the idea of what we inherit from our parents/ancestors, the mix of joy and challenges.  While the challenges may not be apparent, if we look at wealth, be it material or the gifts and skills we inherit or learn from our families, there must also always be some challenge in this, if only in the question of how we use the wealth we receive.  Oftentimes, though, we inherit traits we like less along with those that form the core of our sense of selves.  Accepting that these, too, are a part of us, is one of the challenges I see in the Ten of Pentacles.

Still, in this bright, sunny card the challenges remain implicit, and what is apparent is the sense of celebration, togetherness, and familial generations.  Flowers burst forth, looking almost like pentacles, of which there is already an overabundance on the card.  Ten people each wave two pentacle-decorated hands, while wearing a pentacle pendant on their pearl necklaces.  A pentacle adorns the centre of the circle where they dance, and pentacles lie almost forgotten in the foreground amongst necklaces, while yet more pentacles of various sizes are found in the stone archway border.  The border is also illustrated by the runes of fehu - mobile wealth - and wunjo - joy - though I might have chosen othala for that sense of inheritance and home that I feel goes with the Ten of Pentacles.

I am grateful for the gifts I have inherited from my family.

I am thankful for times of family harmony and joy.

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