Friday, 29 April 2011


For this last day drawing from the DruidCraft Tarot (illustrated by Will Worthington, co-authored by Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm, and published by Connections) I got the Four of Swords.

An irreverent part of me thinks, "Sitting with a sword on your lap, probably not a good idea!"  I also notice how silky smooth his legs are and wonder if he's been depilating with his sword?

Seriously, though, I really like the way he sits in calm contemplation, gaze to the horizon.  He's not resting like the knight on a plinth of the Rider Waite Smith tradition.  Instead, I see a meditative calm.  He sits against a wise old tree, supported by a large rock - one elbow on each, drawing in the centredness and wisdom of the ages.  The three swords beside him are somewhat reminiscent of the pattern in the Three of Swords, the symbol Awen which represents (poetic) inspiration.  I also adore the colours in the sky behind him: yellow, peach, mauve and apricot.  There's a feeling of freshness, of a new day.

I don't see strategising or planning here, but rather a calm openness to the situation.  He contemplates what has been and what is yet to come, allowing himself to be inspired, allowing his mind to grasp everything and nothing, without forcing or holding or trying.  This appeals to me, as I think I do far too little of that myself, often being more of a Nine of Swords person.

I am grateful for the moments of calm contemplation in my life, however few and far between.


  1. I call that 'refilling the well', something I read in one of Julia Cameron's books.
    This is such a good tarot deck, I don't think the Wildwood comes anywhere near it.

  2. Hi Sharyn,

    That's a lovely phrase, expressing it very well.

    I love this deck, it has a lot of depth of imagery, as well as beautiful colours and illustrations. As for the Wildwood, perhaps next week I shall manage to change your mind :-)