Monday, 11 April 2011

Feminine beauty

Today's card from the Rumi Tarot by Nigel Jackson is the Three of Cups.

The little tableau at the centre of this card shows three women, two in purple dresses with green hats and shirts, the third dancing in a pink dress with the same green hat and shirt.  Given this blending set of "costumes", they suggest to me a musical troupe - one of the women in purple plays a stringed instrument, the other holds something which might be percusive, while the third dances "centre stage".  The landscape around them is gently hilly, with a stream flowing past their feet, and flowers in the grass around them.  It makes me think of the camaraderie of people who work and play together, sharing common interests and goals.

In this context the quote makes me think that the beauty that is mingled with the dust of our bodies is that of loving emotions: friendship and compassion.

I am grateful for my friends, both near and far.

I am thankful for shared interests that bring joy to my life.


  1. I too am grateful for distant friends (and close at hand ones!).

    I never get to see my friends enough, these days. I should make a bigger effort.

    Not got this deck, it looks lovely.

    Ali x

  2. I'm no expert on the classics, but the Waite-Smith illustration always reminded me of an ancient Greek festival I was taught about at school, where the women disappeared off into the hills for a few days and ran wild...just looked it up and I think it's the Heraea:

    "Every four years - and later, on the full moon of August, every year - women came to a field near Hera's town of Argos for the 160 yard races. They ran bare-breasted and with hair unbound, in three age groups to honor the goddess's three stages. There were three winners, each receiving identical olive crowns and a share in the cow sacrificed at the festival. Each winner had the right to leave a statuette of herself in Hera's shrine."

    Doesn't this seem like the Three of Cups? Hera was the great 'mother' god in ancient Greece.

    Little Red

  3. Hi Ali,

    I know what you mean - I have a friend who lives about 20 mins away, and I still barely see her every few months. As for the friends who are abroad...

    Ah well, at least there's the internet to keep us all in touch!

    As for the deck, I originally got it intending to use it for a meditative/philosophical card-a-day, but this is the first time I've used it that way. I think it's very pretty, but some of the quotes do take a bit of thinking about, which I guess is good. Still, sometimes I just want nice, clear imagery...

    Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you for real in July!

  4. Hi Little Red,

    Oh, I think I'd read about that somewhere before, but never associated it with the Three of Cups - good call! I love some versions of this card where you see maiden, mother and crone, too. I always associate it with the love and support of good (mainly female) friends, and with our connection to the goddess, so that's just perfect.