Monday, 4 April 2011

Happily Ever After?

Today's card from the Kingdom Within Tarot is the Two of Cups, subtitled True Love.

In the foreground we have the Court of Cups - the Green Man (King of Cups) holds a pink cushion with two rings, Gaia (Queen of Cups) holds a bouquet of red roses, Sir Galahad (Prince of Cups) stands with the Faerie Puck (Page of Cups) on his armoured shoulder.  They seem to be presiding over a marriage of opposites - male and female, black and white, the couple are even pouring a strange part-blue, part-purple liquid from one cup into another.  Behind them, a red crab sits on the sand, with a very ornate sandcastle by the water's edge, and an aqua, blue and white striped globe seems to surf towards them on a giant conch shell.

What to make of all this?  The crab scuttles sideways, seeming to always take an indirect path, and certainly the path of true love can be rather winding.  The castle suggests to me the irreality of ideas of Happily Ever Afters - making a loving relationship last takes work and commitment.  As for the surfing globe, it feels like its going to run them all over to me.  No idea what that means!  Perhaps the quashing of fantasies of romantic perfection? 

Looking at the book, the globe is the planet Venus - ah, lightbulb moment! - which is rising from the sea foam to preside over their wedding.  The crab is there to represent Cancer, the astrological sign associated with this card, and the grey semi-circle at the bottom represents Chokmah.  Hmm, I think I prefer my less idealistic vision...

I am thankful for the love in my life, even if it takes work.

I am grateful for moments of deep connection whether in sex, in play, or in conversation, with lover, son, family or friends.


  1. What to make of all this indeed :)
    One of my favorite quotes is "they were so busy knowing they could they didn't stop to think if they should"... it certainly could apply to this deck.

  2. Ha, ha, well put, Sharyn! It's certainly an unusual deck...