Thursday, 14 April 2011

I can see clearly now

Today's card from the Rumi Tarot by Nigel Jackson, published by Llewellyn, is the Moon.

Although following quite traditional symbology - two towers, two dog-like creatures, a crustacean, the moon and some water - there is also much that is different here.  The fact that the water seems to be a lake at the end of a river, rather than us seeing the shore of a huge body of water; the fact that the crab is floating in the sky, being ridden by a woman holding an arrow and a mirror; the fact that the towers are minarets with paths leading to their front doors.

The water flowing into the lake suggests the journey from a source from which we all come, travelling to where we are now, in the deeps of life.  The woman riding a crab suggests to me that she can travel both through the depths of our unconscious and through the solid shore of our more mundane thoughts.  Her arrow and mirror suggest that she will confront us with our own reflection, making us look deeply even if it hurts.  As for the minarets, I get quite a different feel from them than from the more traditional watchtowers.  I guess because minarets are associated, for me, with music and prayer, rather than defense and vigilance.  All together, this suggests a more spiritual reading of the moon, where seeking the divine will help us to see beyond the reflections of maya/illusion.

Then, there is the quote from Rumi, which I find very fitting, both in that it mentions the moon specifically, and in its content.  It reminds us, too, that we need to look beyond illusions and reflections to see the truth. 

This all makes me think of what we hope follows after a Moon experience - the clarity of the Sun.

Oops, forgot my gratitude:

I am grateful for the experiences which help me see my life more clearly.

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