Thursday, 21 April 2011

It's just a ride

On this sixth day using the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, my card is the Fool.

Rather unconventionally, instead of being on a cliff edge, this Fool is in a boat named Serendipity :-) on a fast-running stream.  The sense of "taking the plunge" and "going with the flow" - acting spontaneously - are clearly still expressed here.  To either side, we meet again the runes wunjo (joy) and berkano (spiritual awakening/cycles of life), previously seen on the Three of Cups and Judgement respectively.  Around the outside of this tableau we have a bee (fertility/productivity), a butterfly (transformation), a bag tied to a stick (travelling light/carrying all you need), and a dog (loyal companion).  Behind the Fool a sun shines brightly through a rainbow, above a waterfall.  My eyes are also drawn to the fish who swim up-stream as the Fool floats by.

Overall, the sense I get from this card is one of letting yourself go in the joy of spontaneity, accepting that this will bring change, but willing to embrace that.  The dog here seems more happy-go-lucky than in some other cards - not trying to stop or warn the Fool, but also just enjoying the ride.

I find it interesting that these Pearls of Wisdom cards often seem to trigger musical associations for me - today something a bit more modern and up-beat!

I am grateful for the simple joys in life - smelling the spring flowers, enjoying the sunshine.

I am thankful for loving companions on my path through life.


  1. What a fun card! It really for me brings to life one of the sayings I have for the Fool card, which is 'don't over think it, instead just experience it!'

  2. Hi Helen,

    Yes, I can really see that here, too! The Fool and the dog just look so in the moment, enjoying the sunshine and the movement, kicking back :-)

    I'm really enjoying the Pearls of Wisdom deck - it's very happy and bright, but still with plenty of depth.