Saturday, 16 April 2011


This week I will be drawing daily cards from the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot by Roxi Sim and Caelli Fullbrite, published by 7th House.

With this first card we meet the Chariot.  A bearded man with a laurel wreath around his head holds the reins to two unicorns, one in either hand.  The unicorns seem to head off in different directions, the dark pink unicorn to the left, with a pale blue head dress and dark blue tunic, while the pale blue unicorn heads right, sporting a golden head dress and pink tunic.  They look like the kind of mounts you would find on a merry-go-round.

Behind the chariot we see a night sky, and yet the chariot seems to carry the sun with it as it rushes through a stone archway decorated with the runes ehwaz (horse or two horses - suggesting swift movement, and two aspects of the self working smoothly together), and tiwaz (the god Tyr - a great leader and a god invoked for victory).  To the left is another laurel leaf, garlanded with pearls, and to the right a picture of a tree, with stars and an infinity symbol around it, its roots reaching deeply through the earth towards water.

The sense I get from this card includes the traditional ideas of needing to focus in order to move forward without being pulled in opposing directions.  There are certainly plenty of elements suggesting polarities and opposites.  However, other thoughts that spring to mind include the idea of moving forward in itself bringing light into our lives.  There also seems an element of choice - what do we want to move towards?  Material success, or spiritual wholeness.  Is it possible to have both by harnessing different aspects of ourselves?  I am also struck by the different light sources - torches in snake sconces on the stone arch, stars in the sky, and the sun on the back of the chariot.

I am grateful for the possibilities offered by life, even if it sometimes means making hard choices.

I am thankful that night is followed by day, and that light can be found in both.

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