Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mexican Muerte

On this second day drawing from the Kingdom Within Tarot, we meet the King of Swords.

In this deck, the Court Cards represent characters from various myths/mythologies, and have been given Myers/Briggs designations.  In this case, the card is named Mictlantecutli, the Aztec god of death, and is subtitled Mentor/Sage/Advocate.

So, how does this relate to the tarot King of Swords?  According to the companion book, the Skeleton King "reminds us of the important truth... To be born is only to begin to die."  Thus, "The King of Swords mentally reaches out to perceive both sides of any directly opposing issue; his agile mind perceives far more because of his awareness of multiple viewpoints". 

In terms of the Myers/Briggs classification, this card covers ENTP's: "the innovators and inventors; striving for a balanced and just world, they are able to both successfully mediate change as well as challenge and improve the status quo."

As for the image itself, what it brings to my mind is the idea of someone cold and judgemental.  He flies above the people in the cemetery with a bloody sword - he will take whoever he chooses with no concern for the pain of those left behind.  Trying to find a positive, death is a necessary evil - without it there would be no room for new growth, and for some it is a relief.  I guess, also, from up on his bat he has a good perspective on the situation, and he's clearly not afraid of making tough decisions.

I am grateful for the times when I see things clearly and am decisive.

I am thankful for the natural cycles of life that can be hard to accept, but make change possible.

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